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Many popular broadcast media on the Internet are based on email mechanism. It involves bulk email, tools to manage projects, discussion lists and of course individual email messages. With skillful use of e-mail it can provide another effective tool to promote a company or a website on the Internet. The advantages of email advertising are obvious: - virtually all the network users have email accounts that appeared long before the development of WWW; - direct e-mail works straightly and specifically reaches the desired user; - it gives an opportunity of personalized treatment; - thanks to clear thematic graduation of bulk email and discussion lists it is possible to affect the exact target audience you are interested in; - an interesting message from the recipient’s point of view can be spread out among his colleagues and acquaintances (simple email forwarding); - many western experts agree that a response to the correct placement of advertising in e-mail is higher than the response of banners, and most importantly, the number of clicks on the advertiser’s site is higher which means getting more ‘target’ users; - right now, when most part of users have email clients that support HTML-format messages, it became possible for the advertiser to place not only text, but also to display graphic ads (including banner ads), and also tracking its efficiency (meaning it became possible to track the number of clicks on the advertiser’s website from the link in the email). There is a number of effective methods of using email marketing toolsthat do not break the ethic of behaving on the Net.

, task manager dashboard The main method is sending mass emails (mailing lists, “opt-in” e-mail marketing). There are a lot of mailing lists on the Internet that are dedicated to a variety of themes.

, projects for project management As a rule, they are managed by people very well-informed about this area by sending out regular e-mail newsletters. The recipients of such email have personally subscribed to the list and they have a right to unsubscribe at any moment. There are open mailing lists (for all comers), closed (for people of a certain circle), free (existing thanks to enthusiastic founders, sponsors, paid advertisings), and paid.

Since the bulk email is usually a mean of broadcasting to a particular target group and often has thousands of subscribers, it is really an effective email marketing tool. How is it possible to place an advertisement to a mailing list? It all depends on the list administration policy: - to place paid advertising; - free posting (it is possible only if you can convince the administration of the benefits from this information for the list subscribers); - you can write a useful material for mail sender and therefore hold an indirect advertising (by mentioning your company, signing it, etc. Project management online, ).

A perfect marketing move is to create your own mailing list.

Of course it makes sense only if it is meant to prepare efficient information on a regular basis and that would interest a target audience.

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